Driving Tips/Training

Kadet Training


Aimed at novice drivers to give them the confidence to drive on track safely and with other drivers of similar age and ability.

  • For ages 8-15 years, and over 1.3m high
  • Advance booking essential as only 10 karts on track at the same time
  • Courses are run on Wednesdays only, starting at 5pm
  • No group bookings permitted
  • Advanced Kadet training possible by invitation-only
  • Training session last approx. 60 minutes, with 30 minutes on track time
Kadet Training
Cost per driver £36


Karting Basics

Be smooth on the steering as well as the throttle pedal, but brake heavily to ensure a good entry into the corner. Make sure to only press one pedal at a time, if not this will damage the kart and slow you down. Always brake before you get to a corner and accelerate out whilst exiting the corner (slow in fast out). Try not to skid/drift around the corners, this only scrubs off speed and stops any chance of getting a good lap time. Hand position on the steering wheel is very important too, you should keep hands level around the quarter to three position

Key Words

Braking zone – optimum breaking area
Turn in point – the point for turning into the corner
Apex – the apex is often, but not always the centre of the corner, hitting the apex allows the vehicle to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through the corner.

How to Drive the “Racing Line”

To achieve a good lap time, you need to drive the correct racing line, ideally driving the shortest/fastest route around the circuit. This varies depending on what type of corner it is. Always try and break in a straight line before the corner starts, smoothly turn in with the steering wheel, gently powering out with the throttle as you exit the corner. Below are a few diagrams to help: