Kadet Parties

For ages 8-15 years, and over 1.3m high

    • Sole use of the track for your party of guests
    • All protective race-wear supplied (inc. neck braces)
    • Interactive briefing and kart demonstration
    • Approximately 25 minutes of track time for all drivers (event lasts around 50 minutes plus food and dilute drink)
    • Lap times and Medals for everyone
Kadet Parties
No. of drivers 6 7 8 9 10
Event cost £200 £231 £262 £293 £324

Additional drivers are welcome (at £29.00 each) but the party will be split into two groups making the event last approximately 90 minutes in total.
Add our Food Package at £4.00 per person (from our Children’s menu, choice of burger, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, hotdog, pizza or vegetable fingers, with chips or salad. Dilute squash)

Once you have booked your Kadet party, why not download our free invitations to print and send out. There are 2 different designs for you to use.

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