Kadet Parties

For ages 8-15 years, and over 1.3m high

  • Sole use of the track for your party of guests
  • All protective race-wear supplied (inc. neck braces)
  • Interactive briefing and kart demonstration
  • Approximately 25 minutes of track time for all drivers (event lasts around 50 minutes plus food and dilute drink)
  • Lap times, medals and Rogue Racing kart licence for everyone
  • Kadet Parties
    No. of drivers 6 7 8 9 10
    Event cost £200 £231 £262 £293 £324

    Additional drivers are welcome (at £29.00 each) but the party will be split into two groups making the event last approximately 90 minutes in total.
    Add our Food Package at £4.00 per person (from our Children’s menu)

    Once you have booked your Kadet party, why not download our free invitations to print and send out:

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