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Kid’s School Holiday Fun Day Dates

Summer Holidays 2017

  • Monday 24th July
  • Tuesday 1st August
  • Wednesday 9th August
  • Monday 14th August
  • Friday 18th August
  • Thursday 24th August
  • Tuesday 29th August
  • Monday 4th September


October Holidays 2017

  • Tuesday 24th October
  • Thursday 26th October.

To book one of these special days, please call 01296 330567.



Fancy some friendly racing in the evening? Why not join our Open GP events?

Round Dates (Start time 7:30pm. Please arrive between 7:00 and 7:15pm)

  • Thursday 9th February
  • Thursday 9th March
  • Thursday 13th April
  • Thursday 11th May
  • Thursday 8th June
  • Thursday 13th July
  • Thursday 10th August
  • Thursday 14th September
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Thursday 9th November

Give us a ring on 01296 330567 for more information or to book yourself a much coveted place on this great event.

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