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Kid’s School Holiday Fun Day Dates

Summer Holidays 2017

  • Monday 24th July
  • Tuesday 1st August
  • Wednesday 9th August
  • Monday 14th August
  • Friday 18th August
  • Thursday 24th August
  • Tuesday 29th August
  • Monday 4th September

October Holidays

  • Dates to be confirmed.

To book please call 01296 330567.



Fancy some friendly racing in the evening? Why not join our Open GP events?

Round Dates (Start time 7:30pm. Please arrive between 7:00 and 7:15pm)

  • Thursday 9th February
  • Thursday 9th March
  • Thursday 13th April
  • Thursday 11th May
  • Thursday 8th June
  • Thursday 13th July
  • Thursday 10th August
  • Thursday 14th September
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Thursday 9th November

Give us a ring on 01296 330567 for more information or to book yourself a much coveted place on this great event.

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