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Track Safety

Safety is paramount at Rogue Racing, and while accidents can happen, every precaution is taken to ensure that your visit to our track stays as safe and fun as possible.  All drivers are provided with race overalls to protect their clothing, neck braces (optional for +15 years), gloves (optional), and crash helmets.  The helmets come in a range of sizes to ensure a secure fit, and are checked before you’re allowed on track. The track is surrounded by tyre walls and barriers to cushion any impacts.  The karts also have their own wrap-around bumpers, which are fitted for the driver’s protection only – Karting is an entirely NON-CONTACT sport!  Safety Marshals will be constantly assessing the driving standards displayed on track.  They will use boards to communicate with you if look like a danger to yourself or other track users. These are normally for excessive contact or driving beyond your capabilities.  The marshals may choose to call you into the sin bin to politely remind you of the rules and advise you on how to improve your driving.  All the safety rules are explained in a short briefing video, or a more detailed verbal briefing from one of our senior marshals, before any racing takes place.

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